Strumming Some Heartstrings

Hey at 10/12/2011 07:40:00 AM

Omg Poa paper in 3 hours.. Idk whether o be confident or nervous. Plus I feel pukey!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Demoralized. at 10/10/2011 04:14:00 PM

Today, I feel so damn demoralized. The freaking chemistry paper was so damn tough! I think everyone nearly died. I studied so hard, I mugged hard. I focused so much on mole and yes, it came out but everything felt so foreign like what the freak.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Random Posting at 4/18/2010 05:56:00 PM

I'm randomly blogging out of sheer boredom.
My terrapins are becoming fat!Uh-oh, need to exercise them.Maybe later I'll make them run for a few minutes.Poor things in their tank the whole day need to get fresh air.
Ohh,the MC on Commendation Day read my name as:''...Priya...Priya Suniel!''
Yes, SuniEl. there's an E there.She prononunced kinda wrongly.During rehearsals everything was fine and on that day,she did this.argh.
Nevermind.But, I didn't smile when posing for pic with the Guest-Of-Honour:)too shy cause parents,teachers and graduating classes were there.haha.
Commendation Day was AWESOME!Ashivini modelled and she look damn good:)yay for Ash!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Update! at 3/12/2010 07:01:00 PM

Hello I'm back, though I won't be posting often.Too lazy.
So just updated profile abit.yay!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Laughter Makes My World Go Rouuuuunnnnnnnd!! at 10/23/2009 07:44:00 PM

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I'm going round and round.Laughed too much today.
1)Sasi can tell hilarious jokes. And so can Rebecca and Shifaa.
Okay so the whole lot of us sitting together today.
2)Shifaa had me laughing non-stop on the phone with her stories!
Okay so I kept laughing at the lame things she told me her someone said.
Seriously. It was so lame that it was funny. Get what i mean? okay nevermind.
wheeeeeeeeee good mood. Managed to pull up to 7th positon with L1R4 1O and L1R5 15. Quite okay to me. Don't know.. still need lots of improvement.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Send It On at 10/18/2009 01:50:00 PM

Ooooh nice :)
Disney Channel Stars - Send It On lyrics

A word's just a word
'Til you mean what you say
And Love isn't love
'Til you give it away
We've all gotta gift
Yeah something to give to make a change

Send it on
On and on
Just one that can heal another
Be a part
Reach your heart
Just one spark starts the fire
With one little action
The chain reaction will never stop
Make it Strong
Shine a Light and Send it On

Just smile and the world will smile along with you
That small act of love
Is spent for one to become two
If we take the chances
To change circumstances
Imagine all we can do
If we...

Send it on
On and on
Just one that can heal another
Be a part
Reach your heart
Just one spark starts a fire
With one little action
The chain reaction will never stop
Make it Strong
Shine a Light and Send it On
Send it on

There's Power in all of the choices we make
So I'm starting now there's not a moment to wait
A word's just a word
'Til you mean what you say
And love isn't love
'Til you give it away

Send it on
On and on
Just one that can heal another
Be a part
Reach your heart
Just one spark starts a fire
With one little action
The chain reaction will never stop
Make it Strong
Shine a Light and Send it On

On and on
Just one that can heal another
Be a part
Reach your heart
Just one spark starts a fire
With one little action
The chain reaction will help things start
Make it Strong
Shine a Light and Send it On
Shine a Light and Send it On
Shine a Light and Send it On

Lyrics | Disney Channel Stars lyrics - Send It On lyrics
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Found!! at 8/14/2009 09:53:00 PM

Oh My Mama i finally found the names!!!!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

The Characters! at 8/14/2009 09:42:00 PM

Okay the characters of the drama I'm watching now- one of my most favourite dramas- are damn good looking. both guys and girls.
Moo-Ryong is so good looking!! haha.He looks like...okay i won't say who he looks like because it's embarrassing.
But he's damn good looking. trying to find his name but can't
going to search now again
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Fireworks at 8/10/2009 06:42:00 PM

Yesterday's fireworks was awesome my mother, sisters aunt and i went to the Esplanade place there to watch and it was so crowded. The helicopter flew past and everyone was like:Whooooooaaa!! then when the Singapore flag was brought past everyone started cheering and i felt my chest swell with pride. I was so proud seeing the flag go past!cool Then there was a guy and his friend who climbed the tree and everyone there cheered for him then he started waving at everyone shyly.But the police called him down the fireworks part was best,Everybody started cheering and clicking cameras! It was Awesome;Wonderful;Spectacular! OOOH I so love the National Day Parade.WOOHoo!!
Other pics lazy to upload.Video took too long so didn't
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Noooooo!! at 8/07/2009 07:23:00 PM

My fever decreased,yay..but i have a blocked nose now!!A bad one!!
My mother called Miss Lim at 5.45 in the morning and Miss Lim said it's best that i don't go to school since they were going to collect newspaper in the hot weather.She also said someone else caught a cold and it was better that i did not catch it while recovering.
I did kind of want to go newspaper collecting.Would have been fun.Now, i also can't get C.I.P points
Heard that whole school did cip so no Red and White
Shifaa said celebrations were boring.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Over-The-Top at 8/06/2009 07:07:00 PM

Just read that Robert Pattinson is sexiest man in the world
Over The Top!!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Fever Decreasing!! at 8/06/2009 06:32:00 PM

Yay my fever's decreasing and i'm feeling better.Hope can go to school tomorrow.
Hope my fever does not increas in the night again.Because i noticed in the night my fever goes back up and morning i wake up feeling weak.
Isn't GYSS like celebrating National Day?I mean,we were not told to wear red and white but told to wear P.E shirt+ skirt.Shifaa said we're collecting newspapers.Huh.
I want to celebrate National Day!!!:(

Why can't people understand he's 93 already??give him a freaking break for Heaven's Sake?Hasn't he had enough on his plate already????
The world we live in, is CRUEL beyond the Cruelest.(if there's such a word)
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Bored Of Sickness at 8/05/2009 07:29:00 PM

Oh no i'm bored of being sick.
sick of being sick
Been at home with fever and bad cold since Monday:(
Hope can go back on Friday
Mc till Thursday
Heard there's newspaper collecting on Friday.
OK dunno what to type.Head aching
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

3rd Anniversary already?? at 7/26/2009 04:35:00 PM

Wow it's amazing how time flies and it's my grandmother's third death anniversay.okay,was.23 July 2009,1:50p.m to be exact.
How i truly,truly miss her.did she have to be taken away by God so fast?i mean, she was only 75!!My poor grandfather spends most of his days reminiscing the happier times with her.Sometimes when i'm down, i do think of her too.what a sad,sad world this is.Loved ones being taken away from you.

The evening prayers were in the temple at 7.30 last thursday and most of the family came.we did joke around here and there.though it was quite a solemn occasion.
ha i was called Chechi(older sister in my language) because i was the my cousins ans sisters older then me were younger than me.
don't feel like typing already.
just one more thing to say- found out that Seng Yeow was indeed my angel, as i suspected.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Random posting at 7/10/2009 08:09:00 PM

Note to self:Do Mavis' quiz soon.

My class is playing Angels & Mortals for CME until next Thursday.Guess who's my mortal?Yee Suan.Don't know what to say about that.
Wrote him a short encouraging note yesterday and Rebecca helped me put it on my table.then he came up to me and put the letter on my table:you're my angel."and i was like" angel is sitting on the opposite end of the class".and he believed.
Valerie told me she saw who my angel is and she said it's the worst boy in the class. which could mean it's either Seng Yeow or Joel.
my angel didn't do anything for me.haha.guessed as much guys won't bother.
booo changed places no more sitting with Rebecca!!sitting with Jacqueline and have a policy-any part of her/her stationery lands on my table and she gives me 10 cents.actually i was joking at first but she insisted that we do it so now she gave me 60 cents.haha.supposed to be 90 cents but she gave 60. so nevermind lah.still earned though feel bad.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

HAHA at 7/03/2009 09:17:00 PM

with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Quiz at 6/23/2009 04:36:00 PM

Tagged to do by CiXuan and YiJun.
1.) The person who tagged you.
YiJun and CiXuan

2.) Your relationship with him or her.
Friends :D

3.) Your first impression on him/her.

4.) Your most memorable moment with him/her.
I don't know

5.) The most memorable thing you said to him/her.
I don't know

6.) If him/her becomes your lover.
We are not lesbians

7.) If him/her becomes your lover, what would you like him/her to improve on.
we are not lesbians!!

8.) If him/her becomes your enemy, what will you do.
Try to become friends again

9.) If him/her becomes your enemy, what will be the reason.
They betrayed me or I betrayed them?

10.) The most desired thing you want to do for her/him now.
Go out again

11.) Your overall impression on her/him.
Good friends??

12.) The characteristic you love most about yourself.
Erm...i don't know.

13.) The characteristic you hate most about yourself.
My blur-ness

14.) The most ideal person you want to be.

15.) For people that care and like you, say something to them.
Thanks for your care and I love you!!:D

16.) Pass this quiz to 10 people who you want to know how they feel about you.

9.Big Sis
10.Second Sis

17.) Who is 6 having a relationship with?(YanWei)
I dont know

18.) Is 9 a male or female? (Big sis

19.) If 7 and 10 were together, would it be a good thing?(Amanda and Second sis)
Ewww no!

20.) What is 2 studying at the moment? (Ashvini)
Sec one stuff?

21.) When was the last time you had a chat with 3? (Rachael)
I dont have her MSN.

22.) What kind of music does 8 like? (Rajes)
Chris Brown music

23.) Does 1 have any siblings? (Estella)

24.) Will you woo number 3? (Rachael)
I dont woo girls.

25.) How about 7? (Amanda)
Nope.I dont woo girls!!

26.) Is 4 single? (Geraldine)
I guess so.
27.) What's the surname of 5?(YongTing)

28.) What's the hobby of 5? (YongTing)
maybe talking using comp?

29.) Do 5 and 9 get along well?(YongTing) XD
They dont know each other.

30.) Where is 2 studying at? (Ashvini)
GuangYang Sec

31.) Say something casual about your eyes?
Some people say they are super big.I think they are normal.

32.) Have you tried developing feelings for 5? (YongTing)
why would i develope feelings for a girl?

33.) What colour does 4 like? (Geraldine)
I dont know.No idea.

34.) Are 5 and 1 good friends? (Estella and YongTing)
erm...ok-ok lah.

35.) Does 7 like 2? (Ashvini and Amanda)
They dont know each other.

36.) How did you get to know 2? (Ashvini)
She was my first friend in sec. school. we sat together during assembly on the 1st day.

37.) Does 1 have any pets? (Estella)
Fishes.and i'm not sure if she's still keeping her birds.

38.) Is 7 the sexiest person in the world? (Amanda)

39.) How is 7 related to you? (Amanda)
Primary school friend

40.)Describe 1. (Estella)
fun to be around and is growing taller each time i meet her. soon she'll tower over me! :O
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Outing with Queky at 6/19/2009 08:42:00 PM

Went out with Quek Yi Jun Today.we went to Vivo first to return the videos then had lunch and headed to Bugis
went library but could not find place so went McDonald's instead.The Bugis outlet became more hip.
So studied there about an hour then went to Iluma for about 20mins and took 980 home.
I saw a poster of Edward Cullen in the Iluma.Super-hot.
Anyway, jsut felt like uploading New Moon's poster because it was damn hot.:D
sorry for my Obsessive Cullen Disorder.:D
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Performance at 6/14/2009 05:07:00 PM

Oh wow the performance yesterday was awesome!!Super fun!!
the sec 1 members were like a super hyper bunch-clapping and cheering after every song and when the band was introduced.even some schoolmates came to watch and they were cheering too!
the public crow was kind of boring.all the cheering was coming from was so exciting.
i can't wait for it to happen again.a pumped-up performance.
my first one is coming-4th July!!yay. scared but excited.:)
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Cockroach at 6/13/2009 11:37:00 AM

Was taking out my cleaning cloth from my camp bag yesterday when i saw it-An idiotic buffalo of a FREAKING COCKROACH.
But when i finally got my mother to get the spray while i kept an eye on it, it just disappeared.okay so i didn't really keep an eye on it,i kept an eye on the floorto watch for it to crawl out but nothing did, so i assumed it was still on the cloth.
When my mother sprayed,nothing came out!!shook the cloth,still nothing.
So was it a hallucination?The mystery lies...
okay felt like typing was a real mystery. This has happened before- i once went into the toilet and thought i so a cockroach on the sink but when i looked again,there was nothing.hmmm....
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Hilarious Parody and funny songs.Plus New Moon's trailer at 6/13/2009 11:11:00 AM

Parody of Wonder Girl's'Nobody'-Wash Your Hands Too.
I think you must have seen it.

ERP Song-2 Many 2 Count.

New Moon's HOT TRAILER!!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Camp at 6/12/2009 08:00:00 PM

Back from camp!!WooHooo!!Okay fine,i do miss it a little.It was fun.
Well except for drills.had to do over and over again.UNDER THE FREAKING HOT SUN and so many people fell ill.Hmmm.

1st day----
Morning drills and announcements.Games, and also got to choose our mortals for Angels and Mortals.
Afternoon lunch,practice.
Evening dinner,games,last parade.

2nd day----
Breakfast Morning drills and announcements.Games, practice.
Afternoon lunch,rehearsal.
Evening dinner,games last parade.

3rd day----
Morning Breakfast rehearsal packing.
Afternoon bunk inspection prize presentation and farewell speech to Miss Letchumi
and last parade.Home.

Was fun.Enjoyed second day's games-morning-dodge ball.Evening-word twist.
I like word twist more though.Managed to guess the letter correctly though blind-folded.Thanks to team mates!!:D
they were supposed to arrange the blind folded people to form words and guess their letter.They did a great job!
My band has houses and i'm in Barachois House.:D Nicest name of the four-Gaia,Yoshi,Squall,Barachois.Stands for G.Y.S.B-Guangyang Symphonic Band.
Oooh performing on 4th July at Bishan CC.Nervous.Playing Fiesta Fantasy and Skate Rattle & Roll.
Oooh G.Y.S.B seniors can play HSM1's We're All In This Together very well.especially the chorus.Then some recruits will be dancing to it.I'm party-popper.simple job lah just come in at last part of the song and POP.Me and a few others.
The performance is at AMK Central Stage.Event-Heartlands CLAP!@AMK Central Stage.
Dance & Movements and Choir performing too.Have to go 2-8pm.

Had to put our hand in a bag to choose Mortals and i got a Sec2 senior-Kimberly Ling.
I wonder who's my Angel.She/he gave me a letter.I gave mine one too!!
supposed to not let them know who you are.Must find a way to put the letter in their bags or whatsoever
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Moving fast at 6/07/2009 03:46:00 PM

The holidays are going fast. one week over and what did i do?Math,CCA,Math CCA all the way.okay with the exception of Friday's movie-Monsters VS Aleins.Super hilarious.I love BOB the blob-like thing!!And Dr.Cockroach.And the fish-like thing.Okay so basically,i like all the characters!!:D
Got camp Wednesday-Friday.Kind of excited.Bonding with the others.hmmm...but have been warned that it'll be very tiring.
OOOOH Rebecca and i planned to catch New Moon when it's out.Probably on the second day because first day would be too crowded.Can't wait for time to fly past till November 20th!!The trailer is so HOT,and so are the actors ;)
hahas okay fine.ending here.Bye:)
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

HOT at 6/03/2009 08:35:00 PM


20th November 2009 is long awaited.
Jacob and Edward are EXTRA drool-worthy.Ahhh
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

India/Friends at 5/23/2009 07:37:00 PM

I miss the one month i stayed in India sad.
Was watching my cousin's wedding video in India and i miss the place soooo much!!
It's such a beautiful place and the life there is so laid de-stressing....
The scenary from the boat to go back soon.

Dedicated to a certain group of my good friends.Or should I say EX-good friends?I think that sounds better,since they don't seem to know i was ever their good friend.
If you all even read my blog,I want you all to read this:
I don't think you all even remember that we usedto be GOOD FRIENDS.I mean, you don't act like we even know each other when we bump into each other.You mean once you get your new friends you forget your old ones?Unbelievable.I mean,come on! what happened to all the things we did and helped each other out with?Did those memories fade?
Your new friends must be your world now,huh?so much so that primary school good friends don't bother to you anymore?it really amazes me.
Anyway, go on with your lives.Your new friends are more important,and so are mine.
You know, i'll be surprised if you all even read this. I think you even forgot my blog. :\
You're better off with your new friends
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Difficulty at 5/21/2009 08:57:00 PM

Difficulty blowing well after not training for more than two weeks.Now when i blow only comes in short bursts.Sometimes okay sometimes not.But at least can still play part of [The Light of Dawn].Yay!!!
Something scary happened today and i cried in front of like,some many students.Especially upper-secs!!RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE OFFICE.I felt idiotic and Rebecca was standing there.we were both in a super sour mood.
He is good looking...but Adam sings much much better.My sis said he did not win because people think he's gay.WHATEVER.
Anyway going to stop typing.bye:)

I♥Them I♥Them I♥Them I♥Them I♥ THEM!!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Everything at 5/20/2009 08:57:00 PM

Don't know what title to put for my post so put'everything'.haha
Basically, this post is about EVERYTHING!!.haha okay whatever.
These are what I'll post about:

-CME Presentation:
Had CME presentation today. Shifaa Rebecca and I were the second group to present.Damn nervous lah i was shaking.But not visibly.Hal-way through my presentation i stammered because i suddenly could not read the words properly.
Then came Shifaa's part where i had to hide behind Yee Suan since he was standing at the computer.The video. Shifaa showed the embarrassing where i was dressed up like an old lady wih powder to make my hair white.The video was about two school girls(Rebecca and Shifaa)helping the old woman(me)carry her heavy groceries when they spot her struggling down the stairs. The CME project was on Social Graces.
When the video was played, the sound was not turned on at first then Miss Lim asked Rebecca and Shifaa:"were you both stalking the old lady?" and most of class started laughing.Then when she looked closer she shouted:"Oh it's Priya!".Harder laughter. Yee Suan said i can win Emmy Awards. Of course total exaggeration. but..maybe i could.ha ha ;)

-The 1T1 guys have stopped disturbing me:
Yay a total relief.The guy and his gang have stopped their nonsense.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Slacky Day In at 5/15/2009 08:18:00 PM

Today had some Asian Youth Games presentation in the hall.I want to buy the official opening ceremony tickets which cost only $10!!!anyone want to join?looking for companion:)
then today there was no teacher in the class for 1+ period and the class was in chaos.but not thatnoisy lah.Miss Ang came in after that and let us do what we wanted so i sat at the back with Rebecca and Shifaa.Read my [Just Friends]and managed to finish it by today.Okay so in actual words,it's Estella's,not mine.I LOVE BORROWING HER INTERESTING BOOKS :)
Math Mr.Tan went on course(that's what the relieve teacher said)and some people went:yes!!.ha ha.slacked some more but class became chaotic and Chair lady had to keep shouting.
Mr.Ong's History period...ditto.Slack!!but had to copy down contents page first.
Then Mr.Ong came up to me in the middle of my reading and said:'Smile Priya.'so i smiled.then'there is a reason why you should smile.Did you study for your History exam?'and i said ya and he replied'good should really revise then you can pass.'when i asked him if i did well he just said 'if you studied then you did well'what's that supposed to mean?
Who cares lah.Get on.
Came back had lunch and finished the last bits of the book.of course bathed first.
now i'm here!!watched Spongebob Squarepants and The Biggest Loser earlier on.

Oh ya...
Saw Gordon in at Novena bus-stop today.First i wondered why he looked really familiar then i saw saw his name was Gordon from my ex-ex-ex tuition!!Wow he changed alot.Became more good-looking.I wonder if Estella still remembers him.Anyone has any idea what school has blue top and i think black shorts?
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

R.P at 5/14/2009 08:45:00 PM

Saw a pic of Robert Pattinson when he was like,real young and unrecognizable.

R.P then,

Oh ya...

R.P now,


Been craving for:
1.Chocolate cake
3.Chicken Mushroom Balls
4.More magazines!!
5.Milo Ice-blended
7.A mind-boggling book!!

Why suddenly ah?
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Exams at 5/14/2009 08:00:00 PM

The exams are finally over.woohoo!!
though can't bear to get back the marks.
boy,was it a tough paper.During Math,i could not draw the damn angle properly and finally,time was up!!2 marks gone.i only drew half:(
was too nervous hands were shaking.
been a boring week,seriously...but today atleast met Jia Jing and Estella!!long time no see JJ.still looks the same,no height/weight gain.still puny.haha:)
Really did thatperson find out my name?Ashivni said she was the one who told.and i'd better make her regret it.
I can't even do a simple thing as walk pass the person and the group without my name being shouted and being disturbed(in a bad way) while having a peaceful conversation with Rebecca.that was what happened las week-i was drinking yoghurt smoothie(it was a burning hot day)and chatting with Rebecca when i spotted them but Rebecca hadn't so i told her 'hey why don't we take the longer route?'so we went by the waaayyy longer route but i was some how still spotted.act innocent someomore.stupid people with no lives.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Video/Pic at 4/30/2009 08:58:00 PM

My sisters,cousin and I.Remember the D'NAP Productions thing in my previous post?yup.this is the one.Though the video has problem uploading.I look bad because i was wearing my uniform underneath my customised shirt.haha

I think i am crushing and it feels weird.If you know me well,i'm not one who crushes easily(except on Edward Cullen;)).So it definitely feels WEIRD.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Oh WOW at 4/24/2009 09:15:00 PM

Let me state my Twilight quizzes results(Facebook)

Priya Sunil
Priya just took the "Are you right for Edward Cullen?" quiz and the result is More like a sister. (Rosalie)

"To Edward your more like a sister like Rosalie or Alice so I don't think he'll be taking your realtionship furthur"

Priya just took the "What Twilight Boy would you date?" quiz and the result is Edward Cullen .

Wow you just stole Edward from Bella!!!!!! Your Sensitive guys that will do anything to protect you!

Priya Sunil
Priya just took the "Twilight Obsessed?" quiz and the result is You have OCD: OBSESSIVE CULLEN DISORDER.

You are a major, and I mean MAJOR fan of Twilight. Everytime you see the book on the shelf of a library or bookstore your heart beat pickes up and you get very excited. You obviously have read the books over and over again, and you kept reading them over and over again until you have memorized them.

Priya just took the "which twilight couple are you?" quiz and the result is esme & carlisle.

esme: you are kind, beautiful and care for others. sometimes you can act more of a mother. ;D carlisle: you are calm and always relaxed; intelligent, too. (: you care about others and help the with problems all the time. (;

Priya Sunil
Priya just took the "Which Cullen are you?" quiz and the result is Alice.

You can't stand waiting, you have to know what you are getting, so you peek. Doesn't matter if it is Christmas presents or who your partner is, you just have to know. You also can't stand people with poor fasion sense. You are always the one with the most confidence. So, you know are always the one to come running, while everyone else is keeping their distance.

Priya Sunil
Priya just took the "How Much Do You Know About The Twilight Sega?" quiz and the result is Twilight Nerd..

Priya Sunil
Priya just took the "Which Twilight Guy is Most Compatible with You?" quiz and the result is Edward Cullen.

You are very passionate just like Edward and you want to know everything. You are very interesting that's why Edward is the right guy for you and you are sort of a mystery which made Edward dreams of you all day.

Priya Sunil
Priya just took the "Your Future Boyfriend? (girls only)" quiz and the result is Zac Efron.


Ah quiz said we were perfect one said i'm like a sister.Weird.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Yeah!! at 4/24/2009 08:50:00 PM

D'NAP Productions rules!!Divya'NishaArunPriya Productions)
Had sooo much fun making the video.will upload soon if i can :D
Exams coming!!argh.
okay end.just wanted a super short post.:)
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Frustrations at 4/19/2009 05:45:00 PM

Look-I just vented out all my frustrations on Paint.

with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Video at 4/19/2009 04:58:00 PM

Sisters and i went to take videos yesterday.We're doing a video presentation for my cousin on her wedding reception next Sunday and we are taking videos of family members giving her their congratulatory messages.
so went to mei mei aunty's house and shot her video then her son came with us and we went to my two uncles' houses.great videos!will try to upload once all the editings are done.
So nothing much...tomorrow science test,thursday math test,friday home econs practical,and a history test on one of the days.
Mr.Ong does not want to tell the date.:(
anyway,just wanted to post a pic of my cousins now and cousins then
Check out the difference!!


...:( just realised there's no pic of the NOW cousins's in the laptop.will send it here and put up soon
dedicated mainly to family:look how u have all changed!! i miss my grandmother
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Just Being Random at 4/17/2009 08:41:00 PM

Hi.It's been long since i last posted.Mid-years are peeping around the corners!!super nervous i might just faint.seriously.Maths is a killer.argh.
oh my mummy-dammy-doomy.there was a fight in 1E1 yesterday between Bradley and Yee Suan.Valerie Sean and Foo Xian tried calming Bradley down because he turned red.LOBSTER RED,ON A SERIOUS NOTE.And cried...Yee Suan is such a...Samantha took a video and from what i read in her log,it was to show our form teacher.Yee Suan got angry and pushed her onto the chair.How violent?
There was no teacher in class so 1E3's teacher came in and ask what was going on and Mr.Ong finally came.Lectured.Poor teachers of 1E1...they spend most of their time lecturing us on our poor behaviour and lack of unity.I wish Qin ShiHuang was here to unite us.haha.whatever.
Trombone we managed to play half of The Light Of Dawn!!it's an achievement ok,after so long.Thanks Seniors and Bryan!(not Bryan L.J.Y)
Beginning to like my trombone more and more.Yay!!:D
Seriously hope to pass the test and get in,then i can perform!!
Though it's CCA Stand-down period,the band room is still opening for study session.Most likely attending.Can get help in Maths from seniors.
Just remembered-Home Economics Practical Examination is next Friday!!Cooking marcoroni soup.have to practice this Sunday.I worrying about how i'll cut the chicken thigh.Might puke.Considering not adding chicken since we can edit the recipe.
Okay i think i'm done.
will blog soon!!
Oh more
watched Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience and it was AWESOME.
Joe stared into my eyes,;),i 'held' Joe's hand,i touched Nick and Kevin's finger..!!!
Must watch again!!

with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

at 4/04/2009 08:04:00 PM

Eating ice-cream from a tub.YUM.Discovered the poor tub of ice-cream all alone in the freezer and decided to take it.looked inviting.haha.
whatever.Today,woke at at 9.45,which i consider LATE.Almost half the day wasted.:(
Anyway,after breakfast i read Duelling Princes and finished it around 12.15 then went to bathe.experimented with songs with my sisters then used the computer for awhile.
My niece[i'm old ;)]came over but only played awhile because i had to go for Chinese tuition.
and now,i'm typing this post while savouring my choco chip ice-cream...ok not literally.:)
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Chairman Suitability? at 4/03/2009 07:52:00 PM

Chairman?me?what was Valerie thinking when she voted me?I can't even shout at the class!!!
Ok skipping that part...
school this week was ok...Band Practice,still can't play some songs TI!!
And the seniors were nice,except MMF.Irritating old MMF.ARGH.
Too bad could not bring my Trombone home to practise.The bus will be troublesome.bus ride.
Today had sports day from 2-6.supposed to end at 5 but got delayed.Responsibility House was the first place,there were so few competitors form my house!!Only the cheerleading was nice.
Anyway...finished at 10.45 today then went to the library and to J8.Then took train to Yio Chu Kang Stadium around 1+.Rebecca and i were like a couple of hyenas-laughing all the way.Library-laughed.train-laughed.all because of passers-by and their styles.ok you might not understand.
Reached the stadium,had to line up in the SCORCHING SUN,ccording to classes.It was so hot that people started opening their umbrellas.And since i did not have one,i used Irza's shirt!!haha.cooling.
When sitting at the viewing gallery,the few of us 1E1 non-involed Responsibilty members sat together-Kae Wen,Valerie,Me,Shellanita and Jac.
Fun to make fun of ech other.Especially of Sean(Ong)and Valerie.They looked like a sweet couple...thought they're not.haha
poking and punching, funny!!
Then got irritated because since Shella was walking around and Valerie was with Sean(0ng),i was stuck with Jacquelineand Kae Wen.IN-BETWEEN THEM WHILE THEY BICKERED AWAY AND POKED EACH OTHER.How annoying.
I was like the middle-woman but was too lazy to move.
Then Kae Wen and i were making fun of Miss___.No offence but she...haha...we couldn't help laughing.
Left around 6+ and training,the train stalled a couple of times in the middle of God-knows-where.So scary that everyone in the train was like:'ohhhhhhh..'especially us GY students.
Met Estella in 131!!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Ahhhhhhh...... at 3/17/2009 06:33:00 PM

I know Twilight is out of the spotlight,but i was just browsing through pictures and guess who's i fell upon?
Edward Cullen's!!!OhmygoshOhmygoshOhMYGOSH!!!
He is hot Hot HOT!!Makes me go into hyper mode!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
I have to put his pic here...
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Hacker at 3/17/2009 06:18:00 PM

Don't let me find out who you are or you're DEAD

I mean it
This is serious so don't think i'm being petty.
if you only had seen what he/she did.lucky i have managed to get it back to normal.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Random at 3/08/2009 02:02:00 PM

Yay i'm officially 13!!can join CiXuan and EnQi in the'Officially 13'club!!haha ;)
nothing much happened this week.just had a normal week.BORING.
cried alot this whole,almost everyday.even on my birthday haha.
yay meeting Quek Yi Jun on the 19th!!can't wait...
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Sports Day(FPPS) at 2/21/2009 06:58:00 PM

Hi!had FPPS's Annual Sports Day today.Saw Mrs Goh & Mr Kadir and said hi to them.
OHMYGOD Marcus Tay Bryan and Hua Yu are soooo TALL!!!still can't get over the fact.And Marcus Tay became so...tan?haha.too much basketball.;)
Got something to boast about-FALCON HOUSE CAME IN FIRST.AGAIN!!hehhehehehhe
Falcon House just rules!!:D
After Sports Day,Estella,me,Amanda and CiXuan went to Cene Leisure.Estella and CiXuan ate sandwich while Amanda and I ate cookies.yum.
walked around,then amanda wanted to go for some event but didn't in the we took neoprints!!nice:D
after that went to Heeren(i think)then sat there awhile...went into HMV to look around.took bus to Dhouby Ghaut and went to samuel&kevin.too lazy to type what happened next but to estella and amanda,:you guys are soooolucky cixuan and i spared you.:@.
went home soon after with estella.Really enjoyed my day!! ;D
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

at 2/08/2009 07:27:00 PM

Priya :)
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

PROBLEM at 1/18/2009 02:11:00 PM

with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

A Crazy Duo. at 1/17/2009 01:14:00 PM

Yay finally made friends with the whole class!!hooray!!haha.
A whole lot of friendly people.
Class Chairperson:Sean Kurtrina.
Class Vice-Chairperson:Kendrick Sean.
Secretary:Kurtrina Casey.
NE Rep:Chew Min.
IT Rep:Yee Suan.
Maths Rep:Foo Xian.
History Rep:can't remember.
Science Rep:can't remember.
Home Econs Rep:Jacquline.

The rest still not sure.
School has been boring yet at the same time fun.
Rebecca and i are a crazy duo who can laugh until people actually turn and stare.Whenever we say something that is not so funny Revecca will start laughing which will make me laugh too.We can laugh over the stupidest things.haha.
yesterday was the best-we made an abbreviation for a certainword and the both of us started laughing and shouting wasn't any bad or disgusting word was just very stupid and funny.Irza thought we were insane but when she also heard the meaning of the word she started laughing too.
we had two hours lunch break but didn't eat so Irza and i decided to hide from Rebecca.the poor girl went all over the school finding us and when she actually walked past us she didn't even notice us.standing right there.on her left.haha.
the cca started soon and we went all over the place.i shot the air cool!!aiya of course it was just gun powder but still,it was cool!!
i love the NCC after watching their video!!so cool but unfortunately i can't join since it's only for boys.:(
Wanted to join netball but during the trial the stupid _______ kept snatching the ball from some of us and we didn't get to get in.whenever the ball got into our hands she will just take it.many people scolded her.thanks to her,netball won't be my cca.:(
anyway lazy to type already so bye.:)
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

1st Day Of School at 1/04/2009 02:32:00 PM

firstly,continuing the previous post.
...then we took many pics on the over-head bridge!!haha.jump here jump there.
ok short i know.
now for the actual post...-first day of school was quite fun lah.made many new friends:Ashwini,Priya(not me),Valerie,Mariel,Rebecca,Ye Suan(dunno how to spell),...forgot some names.basically,i made friends with almost the whole class,which was quite surprising owing to my shy nature when it comes to making very very FIRST day of school without Estella!!haha.
went to school in the bus with EnQi and CiXuan.guess what i found out:our schools are just ONE bus-stop away!!which means...we can go to school and home together!!yay.
from what i read in CiXuan's blog,she finishes at 12:30 and so do i!!!haha.
on friday we played some ice-breaker games,a game where which we had to use our legs to lift the pails up with only our feet and transfer it from one point to another.haha lucky i didn't need to play because i wasn't wearing shorts inside my skirt so me and some other girls weren't allowed to play.yay.haha.another game was we needed to run and try to bite an apple which was in a pail filled with water while two guys carried it.then run back and share the 5 apples until we finish it.yucks imagine the salivas.haha.
in the night we played Kim's Game.blindfolded and needed to go through obstacles in the dark.i was fed milo powder by the GSP.(General Sissy-Pants.given by Ye Suan and i.haha)he spilled it on my uniform and i had to walk around with it the whole time.
the camp finished around 12:30 on saturday after the CCI Challenge at Bishan Park.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Happy advanced New Year!! at 12/31/2008 08:06:00 PM

Hi.First of all,want to wish you all a HAPPY advanced NEW YEAR!!:)
anyway..just updating on the past week.
saturday,went ICESKATING!!well for me,it was more like,ICEWALKING at Kallang Leisure Park!!haha.
i was like,the only one walking so damn slow and in the two hours,i only skated walked 1 1/2 rounds!!:(
nevermind atleast i did something.haha.
my cousin pulled me down on the ice with her once and it was so fun!!my pants were like,so wet.haha.
after iceskating,went to eat at Pastamania the apple crumble pizza and banana something pizza.yum.
ate finish and went to slack at the carpark.took picture after picture!!haha.but all not with me.
this is the fun part-when we were walking to the mrt,we monkeyed around and wanted to climb the post thingy(not lamp post).the others could balance but i,as usual,could not.haha.i lost balance and my sister caught me but somewhat i didn't land properly and went flying through the air and onto the road!!seriously!!luckily when i landed my head did not hit the ground so hard but now both my knees have big bruises and my right thumb has cuts and so does my left palm.:(
so's still and will always be a mystery of how i could 'fly'when my feet actually touched the ground when i jumped.haha
after that fell on the over-head bridge too.
anyway will update this post soon.
now going out.bye
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Secondary School at 12/21/2008 08:37:00 PM

Going to GuangYang Sec.Good school/bad school?
i would say...ok school.
the principal is like,so short!!like mrs low.haha
my form-teacher is a female.doesn't look like a jokey-jokey woman,but who knows?looks can be deceiving.haha.
not sure whether i'm excited about starting school or not...50-50.
haven't bought the books yet!!so many!!...hope i find atleast 1 new friend on the first day so that when we stay over we have each other.who cares whether boy or girl?as long as there is a friend...though i would prefer a girl.haha
...going camping with the youths next week.(28th-30th)dunno what bag to bring that is big enough.the leader suggested luggage but...i prefer bag.
anyway this is the end.just a message:
Enjoy the final 2 weeks of 2008 and start 2009 with a bang!!:)
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

East Coast Park at 12/13/2008 05:16:00 PM

Hi.been too lazy to post for a few weeks.hehe.
blogger is becoming is the computer.
log on also don't know what to do so just visit people's blogs and play some games lah.
just updating on yesterday.
went to ECP with my eldest sis and my eldest cousin to RELAX.
on the way there bought lunch from marine parade food-court and went there to eat.
breakfast was KFC a.m.toasted twister.damn filling i felt like vomiting especially with the additional milo and homey biscuit.yum.
when we reached ECP we found a spot near the SKATELINE shop(the company that taught us skating).after eating we just lay down on the mat for awhile then went to sit on the seabed that rock-thing and my cousin and i read books while my sis just lay down.
wow.even on a friday the beach was crowded.full of cyclers and skaters!!
around 3+ we went cycling!!my cousin and i took the doubles(of course i was in the back)and my sis took was so nice speeding down the slope!!1the wind was like,WOW.unfortunately,all of us are having pain from sitting nearly two hours on the bike.haha.SORE.
went home and had a nice cold bath and felt better.
wish we can do this more often!!
one last thing before stopping-school posting results next week!!can't wait!!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

A special meeting at 12/02/2008 04:18:00 PM

That nose,mouth...those familiar eyes...
Where had i seen that before?...

WOW i can't believe it!!i finally saw him,Him,HIM!!
OH my cha-cha-cha-partner in N1!!
the last time i saw him was like...two years back at the polyclinic.Now i saw him again on Saturday and managed to take down his email:P
This is how i first found out it was him:
I was waiting for my turn at the counter to order my food when i turned to my left just out of casuality.I saw a boy dressed in green bent over a pram and tucking a baby boy in.When he stood up and i saw his face,i ran to tell my mother and sisters but they did not hear me as they were too busy talking.So i went back to the queue.
I started observing the boy and found out that it really was him.So i ran for the second time to the others and shouted"oh my god it is him!!i told you it is!!"
still no response.:(
So i resumed queueing up and observing the boy.When i finally went to my table,my sister was shouting and then i knew that they found out.They were all forcing me to go and talk but i didnt dare.haha typical.
So my mother called him and asked him his aggregate.268 oh my god!!and he is going to RI!!Genius.
that was how she asked his email.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Last day of school at 11/14/2008 07:12:00 PM

Wow.The day has arrived...the day i SO have not been waiting for...LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!more like..LAST DAY OF MY PRIMARY SCHOOL LIFE!!ARGHH!!
I am so sad...but surprisingly did not cry.Infact,NO-ONE cried!!Unbelievable.
The last few years there were many many people crying but this year...NO-ONE.Infact,
so many people left as soon as the concert ended.Aiya...but atleast took picture with Mr Kadir and some of my friends.Will upload oonce i transfer them to the computer.Luckily got to borrow the cam!!
After school went out with JJ,YJ&CX.Had so much fun!!ate at KFC then went to watch Sing To The Dawn(not so nice).After that went to the next door arcade for awhile then i went back home.Oh ya before that,we took some pics.Nice...
Anyways...results coming out next Thursday!!!So excited to see if it is the same marks as in my dream!!
Ok...nothing else to bye!!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Gotta Find You/Too Cool at 10/29/2008 05:03:00 PM

This song is sooo sweet...ahh..if only...;)

- Jonas Brothers Lyrics
Hey you know this song"too cool"from camp rock?it reminds me of someone...if you can guess who...

- Camp Rock Lyrics
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Graduation Song(Friends forever) at 10/11/2008 01:58:00 PM

This song seriously brings tears to my eyes everytime i listen to it.

Why was it ever created?to make people cry?
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Freedom!! at 10/08/2008 07:53:00 PM

Oh my GOD.Am I dreaming or is the P.S.L.E finally over?somebody pinch me!!
Ahhhh!!!FREEDOM AT LAST!!!HOORAY!!can't contain my happiness.As a reward for sitting through this whole time,i've decided to reward myself by changing my skin.
Haha.Ok whatever.
Can't believe I can finally blog!!haha...time really flew.
Cannot wait to go out with Yi Jun and Yong Ting(after her HMT)tomorrow!!After a long time!!Yay.
Aiya you know,I don't feel like typing anymore.So bye.
Wait,i forgot my trademark.-:)
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Outing at 8/24/2008 06:09:00 PM

Yesterday's Plaza Singapura and VivoCity so outing was so fun!!
First,we went to P.S and ate lunch.(Me&CiXuan-BK,JiaJing&Estella-MB)
Then went to buy the presents.Actually only me CiXuan and Estella wanted
to do but then after that decided to add JiaJing in since she followed.
When went to Vivo,sat outside SushiTei and worked on the presents.Unfortunately,
Mr Kadir's did no turn out as nice as expected.Nevermind.Will try to improve on it
on Monday.After all this,though we were not done with it,we went to play in the water.CiXuan could not because she was afraid of being scolded.I splashed Estella and JiaJing until they were wet.Then they took revenge on me.Play finish already,went into the shopping centre.So cold!(because my jeans were soaked).
Went to Candy Empire and bought that round looking chocolate and shared between me and CiXuan(though she only took one because she said it wasn't nice.)So i brought the chocolate home and gave to my father.
That's about it.Don't want to describe the rest cause they are not important.Bye.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

A Dream Come True! at 8/21/2008 07:47:00 PM
MY WISH CAME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It finally happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What I've been waiting for for so long happened!!!!!!!!
Ok I must be mad.But I just can't control my feelings!!
I am SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok Priya,stop the exclamation marks.
Happy happy happy...
My mood,which was spoiled because of the Ms Whatever
has finally lightened up.Thank You to YOU
I have finally decided to log off.Bye.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

P.S.L.E Oral at 8/16/2008 07:36:00 PM

Oh my mama.My BIG BAD mama.
I flunked my Chinese Oral!Totally!
I feel like crying!I kept stammering and stuttering!
Ok,enough of exclamation marks.The teachers were like,damn fierce lah.
Cannot even smile.(The young one.)Atleast the old one smiled once.
But on a serious note,I'm sure I failed.Arhhh!!Save me somebody!
Anyway...I'll talk about something else.
On Thursday instead of going home and studying I went to the playground
with Jia Jing,Yi Jun,(PingTing and Estella.They came afterwards.)Ofcourse with parent's consent.Aiya,we just needed to distress so decided to go there lah.
Play like half an hour(swinging,jumping,etc)then I went for tuition with Estella.
Friday I walked home with Yi Jun and Jia Jing and decided to play again(with consent from parents.)Then I went up to change and take a spare shirt for Jia Jng.
When I came down, Marcus(Tay)was there.Then just talk awhile and he went off.
After that Estella came and we played for about one hour I think.Then Estella and Yi Jun went and I just sat in the playground with Jia Jing.Relaxed.But then...
KHYSTELLE CAME!!stupid.Anyway she only stayed for five minutes.Then Jia Jing and I
finally said goodbye and left.That's about it.Bye
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

at 8/01/2008 09:14:00 PM

Hi!It's been loooong since i posted.Let's see...what should I talk about?
Oh ya.I forgot.The horrendous-life-threatening ORAL!
Who cares about the English one?It wasn't as bad as Chinese!
Miss Tong and Madam Tan...fierce?definitely.
The passage was quite easy except for the two words...don't know what lah.
Picture Discussion was the worst.Miss Tong had to keep prompting me.Madam Tan
had to stand up and point at my picture and ask me:"What can you say about this?"
(In Chinese).I only could stare at Miss Tong.Like a staring competition..haha
It was like,I stared at her,she stared back.Both of us were smiling.Haha.
Finally Madam Tan asked a question and the staring incident was over.
At the end of the conversation,Madam Tan did not look so happy...
I can already foresee my upcoming week.Miss An.I am so dead.(Just like Amanda)
As it is, today Miss An kept rambling on and on about how bad yesterday's batch was today.I just hope it won't be the same on Monday.
Ok...that's about it.Bye.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Blogskin/Kallang River at 7/06/2008 05:37:00 PM

BOOOO...I liked my other blogskin....but the picture got problem..!
I love changing my blogskins everytime...already have a few lined up
to use next time.Anyway I'm going to talk about the Kallang River trip
So fun!(will be more fun if had gone with 6/4)Even though we went with
6/2 and half of 6/1,it was still fun.Miss An took care of the fifteen
of us.My group(Ci Xuan,YongTing,EnQi&ZhiChin)and I found TWO soap-dispensers!
(The type you see in the toilets)haha...
We also found cigaratte buds..lots and lots of them.Everytime we found one we
will shout "cigaratte bud!"and my whole group will start laughing.Soon they got fed up but still went on finding until we collected more then fifty!No kidding!
YongTing started saying"Priya,your favourite cigaratte bud"whenver she found one.
CiXuan got very very frustrated.Haha...
After clearing up we finally got to have a drink.While snacking, YongTing and I took
pictures of some girls from our class(not going to name who but CX and EQ know who)
'modelling'while watching the canoers...In the bus YongTing and I showed CiXuan and EnQi but one of the 'models' saw it and got so she is not talking to me and YongTing...stupid...she thought we were really going to post the picture on our
blogs!Atleast when the other 'models' found out they weren't so petty like her...crazy.Wow this is long....ok bye!end of rambling!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

KungFu panda! at 6/17/2008 10:55:00 PM

Today's KingFu panda was so nice!Adjectives to discribe PO(the panda):cute,funny,adorable and smart.One of my favourite sentences from the movie(said by Master WuGui):
Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift,that's why it is called 'present'

Though not very hilarious, the movie is still nice and has a moral to it but i don't know how to explain it here.I still want to watch The Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian!If anyone has watched it,let me know!Thanks.byebye
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

The holidays at 6/15/2008 06:14:00 PM


That is so right!!SHE(i won't tell you who)made a choice,and
she had to face the bad consequences!
Ok anyway i am going to write about something else...
TAKES OVER!!!!!!It is just a matter of months before the P.S.L.E!
I wish time would go back to my younger days...the days where i could just
play, play and play...the days where studies didn't matter...:(
I don't want to leave all my friends and teachers!(though i can't wait to become
a teenager.I won't need to be treated like a kid)The end of the horrendous exams could also mean one thing...THE DREADFUL INJECTIONS!AHHHHHHH!I think i will faint before the nurse can even poke the thing into my arm.Just the sight of the needle...Anyway does anyone know when the PRELIMS are?If you do,please tag me.Until then...byebye!:)
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Malaysia at 6/14/2008 04:33:00 PM

I am finally back from the trip!don't know
whether to be sad or happy...or both...
I have to agree I did enjoy parts of it...
we left at 2+ on 8/6/08 and reached there at 4+
only took 2 hour+...we reached there then went
to the villa... it is just like a bungalow and
i share one with three other couples..i was the only
kid there!but one thing good was i got pampered..hehe..
Then had teabreak,dinner,sing here sing there,
dance here dance there,then went back to the villa
200+ people attended it altogether!but there were only
28 children in the group(including me)
Day two and three ditto..of course including breakfast and lunch..
Day four went shopping and just bought loads of chewing gum
My father insisted on buying the wriggley's mint one which i don't like
so i bought one packet of my favourite one...i have stopped being crazy
about chewing gum.. don't know why...
Day five(last day)was the scariest!
all the 28 kids had to dance and sing infront of all the adults!
My legs were shaking non-stop and because i forgot to take out my sandals,
the right one started dangling during the jumping part and fell off.How
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

My Boredom at 6/01/2008 06:20:00 PM

These days have been sooo boring!what's up with life?
Haha just joking lah...
I am going with so many people i don't even know and
Those I know are those I don't like!!:(
Ok I am not going totalk about that..
Let me tell you about my new blogskin.-
It is a ery nice skin that has a letterpad theme.
All the navigations are pens,paperclips and buttons.
Very colourful and nice!I can't wait to put it.
Last but not least,BYE!Getting bored of typing.
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

blogskin at 5/24/2008 04:49:00 PM

hello!!! like my blogskin?searched so many times before finding the right one.
I cannot believe it!I ACTUALLY MISS IT!!
I went to view Hui Min's friendster and linked through to Andrea's
She looks prettier with long hair leh...don't know why she cut.
Oh no....I don't know what to type!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

must watch!!! at 4/05/2008 03:14:00 PM

it is a very very nice remix of the High School Musical song BREAKING FREE
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

at 3/11/2008 11:00:00 PM

watched the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL3 cool...can't wait to watch!!!ok bye
just came to tell you this...
ohya by the way what is the meaning of 天使?is it angel?
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

at 3/02/2008 04:53:00 PM

Aiya my blog having problem leh....why suddenly got chinese words everywhere??!!!
i go ci xuan blog and amanda's also have...why???
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Long time no post...;) at 8/04/2007 01:14:00 PM

Hello!! i'm posting after a VERY VERY long time
Been too lazy to post leh thats why
So hows life?
Mine?hmmm...VERY BAD!!
Mee-siam keeps picking on me and my group in school while Mrs Goh has been unfair
That I can't tell you why
Yah i'm so happy Mrs Goh gave me a NIKE waterbottle for childrens' day
Where is the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL soundtrack she told me that she will buy for me?:(
Nevermind...I can always buy my own one
Just don't tell hr this.
Got To Go!!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Malaysia Subang Jaya Trip at 6/08/2007 01:03:00 PM

hi i just came back from Malaysia Subang Jaya yesterday at 10:20p.m.
we went on Sunday @ 2p.m. and reached @ 12 midnight because we stopped halfway to have breaks because we were going by coach
we got lost halfway because the bus diver got confused
i went swimming,sight-seeing,shopping & many more
i kinda enjoyed my trip
ok bye i'm too lazy to type
see u in school:]
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

hello again at 5/13/2007 09:04:00 PM

i'm posting for Saturday(the 4th of may)
i watched SPIDERMAN3!!
it was so damn nice
three villians
i like the black spiderman
ahhh..the best was that we watched it in 4k digital screen
the sound effects were F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C-!!
ok thats enough

boo i dont want to change group...i want to sit facing white board not anywhere else
now must turn my neck and look at the white board
i surely will break my neck...
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

A true and scary experience at 4/07/2007 07:02:00 PM

today,i was walking back from the pek kio market when someone started following me
i got so scared so i slowly walked in another direction and ran al the way to my grandfather's house.yet the stupid man still followed me so i quickly went into the lift and closed the door
i was so shocked that when i reached my grandfather's house,i bursted out crying like a baby
my aunty and sisters followed me to my block and the man was still there
so my aunty told me to walk past the man and see if he would follow me again
indeed the man did
but when he saw my aunty he cooly walked away
luckily i'm safe and sound at home now
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

at 4/07/2007 07:02:00 PM

aiya today was the worst day of my live
kind of
all because of 5/4(except me,ci xuan,bryan and christina)and mrs Goh
they all said ci xuan and i keep turning around to talk to bryan
is it true??bryan is it true??
i dont think it is true
this is so unfair
ci xuan and i were so embarrassed
how can 5/4 say that of us??
i DO NOT LIKE 5/4!!:@
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

thursday@school-in full detail at 3/10/2007 07:22:00 PM

lets seee
today,i woke up @6:30
i know
thats very late
then, i jumped out of bed and walked to the toilet
i brushed my teeth using colgate toothpaste and took a quick bath
after that, i wore my clothes
i then washed my hands
after that, i ate my cornflakes
yucks!!the strawberry so disgusting
then, i wore my socks and shoes, and and carried my school bag
at 6:44, i left the house
i then waited for the lift until 6:45
i got into the lift with my 25th floor neighbour.
at the 9th floor, three children and their dad got in
at the 7th floor, i got out and Estella was at the door wearing her shoes
i pressed the lift button and waited,and waited, and waited
the lift finally came and Estella and i got in
when we got out of the lift, we chit-chatted all the way to school
when we reached school,we put down our bags on the floor in the hall
after that, everyone started coming in and we had the usuall Thursday morning thingy
then,we went back to class and had maths for only 10 minutes!!
after that was mother tongue and then art
then had recess, and then science..oh the worst period
and then english..good old english
then at1:15, i left school and walked home with Priscilla
oh i forgot to tell u!
i had a terrible headache the whole day
so i went home and just plopped on the bed
after awhile,
bathed and forced myself to eat even though i felt like vomitting
then slept,and slept, and slept
mum took my temperature
after that i went home and dad came home
i had dinner and went back to the bed to lie down
the headache was killing me!!
i could hardly sleep!!
that explains why i did not go to school on friday

i told u everything in detail
is it too long winded?
not my problem
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

school at 3/03/2007 06:19:00 PM

school is fun,school is not fun...which one should i say?english,social studies,health education teacher-mrs goh-good,not so irratating
maths,co-form teacher-miss yang-very boring till you can sleep during her lesson...zzzzzzz
mother tongue teacher-miss ng-quite good...helps us in work but sometimes she is boring....

NOW....let me introduce you to THE LOONEYS!!thats the dumb name miss yang gave us just because we called our group''loonatics''she says it sounds like''lunatics''
my group members are-me,ci xuan,wangdong,khystelle,bryan and christina
ci xuan-a good friend...a.k.a-ci
wang dong-very hilarious...-a.k.a.-bundung
khystelle-dont know what to say...-a.k.a-singtel,kesiao(by wang dong) ci xuan and me,drunked-by estella and me in p2
christina-irratating...a.k.a-hairy girl
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

Birthday at 2/23/2007 10:11:00 PM

Just lettinng you know....
my birthday is coming!!
you know when?
on 28th February!!
hooray and boo
hooray because its my birthday and i love presents
boo because of maths CA1
how saddening
get the presents ready

but if want to give also can...NO PROBLEM!!!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3

blog at 2/16/2007 04:48:00 PM

my blogs name is ''read if you dare'' because my blog is very lame..thats why!
with all my heart,
i'll keep on lovin' you <3


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